Beyond The Ordinary & Updated Landscape by Guillaume Hebert


Beyond The Ordinary & Updated Landscape


These series are a hybrid genre that combine pieces of modern landscapes with, in the background, landscapes that come from old and famous paintings. The name of this series is a notion that tells us about the changes created by urbanisation in our modern societies. These works invite us to compare the vision of an ancient painter with the vision of a modern photographer, in order to remodel our perception of the environment in an aesthetic dimension.

Guillaume Hebert, also called Guillelmus Paulus Julianus, is a French visual artist more focus on photography born in 1969 in Normandy. He graduated from the School of Fine Arts in Caen (DNSEP : National Superior Diploma of Plastic Arts). He started truly photography in Taiwan in the year 2012. He stays there for 6 years and goes regularly to mainland China. He currently collaborates with a Shanghai Gallery: M Art Center and participates in many festivals and art fair. After his pilgrimage he returned to Europe and settled in Berlin for one year. Back in France, he currently lives and works in the Papal city, Avignon.