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scopio Editions is an editorial project with a dynamic structure able to offer a collection of several titles - collections or author’s books - in the area of documentary and artistic photography related to the world of architecture.

The editorial responsibility of this project is of the CCRE research group (Center for Spatial Representation and Communication) integrated into the R&D center of the Faculty of Architecture of the University of Porto called CEAU (Centre for Architectural and Urban Studies).

scopio Editions is structured through various collections (periodical and non-periodical) which spread and explore the themes of interest through different perspectives, in the form of selections or of the author’s books on each of its collections.

The collections, that at this time are the base of scopio Editions are periodicals: scopio Magazine; sophia Journal, scopio Newspaper; and non-periodicals: Projects, Addendum, Author's Book, Contests, Cityzines, Teaching, and Debates.

scopio Editions is capable of, on the one hand and in general terms, support and disseminate the various image and text contents related to these issues and whose origin emanates from initiatives and projects in which the CCRE group might be collaborating. On the other hand, to disseminate several works and authors who use photography as an instrument to communicate in a critical, exploratory and innovative way the themes related to architecture, city and territory. We are interested in authors who are able to develop theoretical and practical projects related to these issues, while having a comprehensive understanding of architecture as a practice and as a discipline able to integrate socio-economical, political, historical and technical areas as well being able to understand the city as a living organism, a rich and multifaceted space characterized by a variety of experiences and programs, which are a reflection of the knowledge, beliefs, values and customs that characterize different societies.

The coordinator of scopio Editions and CCRE research group is Pedro Leão Neto and the collections follow a graphic identity defined by the project’s Artistic Director integrating periodic and non-periodic publications, being that each collection has two types of publications: (1) author publications, i.e. those with only one independent author whose work fits the theme of the collection or (2) one or more editors in charge - Editor(s) - in the case of published books. The editor (or editors) of the collection is (are) responsible for preserving the graphic identity of the collection defined by the scopio Artistic Director as well as to coordinate the team with him/her/them which will collaborate in work selection and editorial contents.

scopio Editions has as technological support for its dissemination and communication the platform scopio Network. An independent platform that creates synergies and interconnects in a more dynamic way scopio Editions together with the CCRE-FAUP group, CITYSCOPIO Cultural Association and other institutions and groups outside the academic world.