Originally by Gaëtan Chevrier




The Earth is this anthropized planet we share and whose future livability we must ensure. The rise of so-called natural disasters, hurricanes, cyclones, tsunamis, earthquakes, remind us of the vulnerability of inhabited spaces, and of the interdependence of human and nonhuman beings living there.Therefore planetary urbanization choices are paramout.

Decisions to build in the most fragile areas - behind dikes, below sea level, on geological faults - which are most often destroyed, remind us of the limits of the act of building.
And these decisions are those that will or will not impact our relationships with the built environment.In this regard, we note today the recurrent choice to focus on improving techniques and engineering to protect ourselves from this planet, rather than to evolve towards strategies for a dwelling that has been conceived as fragile.

Gaëtan Chevrier, trained as a designer and worked as a graphic designer in an advertising agency for about 10 years. At the same time, he specializes in photography as an autodidact and perfects his art through workshops in Paris and Arles to ENSP.
His work questions landscape (natural and / or urban), man’s place in it and how he can use it. It focuses on the concepts of natural / arti cial and wild / built. Through his artistic approach, he produces a formal and sensitive representation of his surroundings, halfway between art and document.
Lives in Nantes (west coast of France)

instagram / @gaetanchevrier