Fotofestiwal 2019: 18th International Festival of Photography


Fotofestiwal 2019: 18th International Festival of Photography

PHOTO-MATCH – completely different portfolio review
2019 13-30.06.2019. Lodz, Poland.

The Fotofestiwal 2019 takes place between the 13th and 30th of June in Lodz, Poland.
On its 18th edition (13-30 June) the festival encourages you to delve into the supernatural aspects of existence and reality, as well as into the speculative and hypothetical phenomena that defy explanation based on the purely empirical evidence. What does the supernatural stand for? How can we make sense of reality while departing from the scientifically validated knowledge and senses?

Fotofestiwal has already positioned itself as one of the great european photography festivals. Established in 2001 as one of the first photography events in Poland, it was a spontaneous initiative of the students and lecturers of the Sociology Department of the University of Warsaw. Since then, Fotofestiwal remains a space for presenting various forms and types of photography, a forum for discussion about art and society, a motivation to search for alternative methods of discussing and exhibiting photography. But first of all, invariably, it is a place where people meet, with great adherence by the general public and photographers alike as well as promoting several events and initiatives, such as the Grand Prix, that gives photographers an opportunity to present their works during Fotofestiwal.

Pedro Leão Neto (coordinator of scopio Editions) participated as a reviewer in the Photo-Match event, that adopts a new model for portfolio review which breeds new life into the outdated format of portfolio reviews, by placing a special emphasis on the series of open networking events, public presentations and an equal status granted to the curators as well as artists.

The list of reviewers included magazine editors, book publishers, photography festival directors, independent curators, gallery owners, art consultants and coordinators of exhibitions in some of the most prestigious museums in the world.

Fotofestiwal 2019