In the call for the number 3 of Branca Journal “Humanitarian Architecture practices” it is proposed to promote interdisciplinary research and critical reflections on humanitarian practice, with a special focus on the contributions that the disciplines of architecture and urban planning can make to communities experiencing extreme poverty, forced displacement by natural disasters or conflict, and the increasing impacts of climate change. 

We invite researchers, professionals and students to contribute with papers to the following topics: 

1. Research: call for contributions about the history, processes, opportunities, contexts and impacts of humanitarian practice with special focus on the disciplines of architecture and urban planning; 

2. Professional Practice: call for contributions on reflective practices or/and its critical analysis within the field of humanitarian architecture through design-based projects in the emergency and development fields; 

3. Design Education: call for different strategies in which design education is, or might be, enriched through the integration of humanitarian architecture issues.    

Deadline for submissions: 23rd November 2018.  

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