Following the journeys in a metropolis like Mumbai, this route focuses on the ambitions of the city with a specific interest on its surrounding urban landscape. The images seek to reflect  the overall urban character with an assortment of meanings.Through this perspective it relates to and pursues the city dreams.


  1. CityEyes_1 – Planes are captured in a multiple exposure set over a span of time at a construction site near the Mumbai International airport. As India’s economy is booming,  its financial capital ( Mumbai ) is rapidly growing with new urban characters as is suggested by the visual metaphorical sequence of the planes above.

  2. CityEyes_2 – A huge residential complex built by a corporate company is almost complete in South Mumbai.

  3. CityEyes_3 – A top view of the only 7 road junction in Mumbai, the Jacob Circle.

  4. CityEyes_4 – A daily life at the Mohamad Ali road in Mumbai. This road has parallel streets of mostly wholesale and retails markets  and thus has a busy chaotic experience.

  5. CityEyes_5 – A commercial hoarding is backlight from an another source of light near one of the city highways.

  6. CityEyes_6 – A hill divides the skyscraper at Powai and the underconstruction building at Kanjurmarg in the north eastern suburbs of Mumbai.

  7. CityEyes_7 – A view from the old bridge showing the new road and railway bridges that connect Mumbai’s  well planned satellite city, Navi Mumbai.

  8. CityEyes_8 - A regular night sky over the central Mumbai suburbs near the International  airport.

  9. CityEyes_9 – An old residential neighbourhood in the eastern suburbs of Mumbai.

  10. CityEyes_10 – A late evening rush hours at the Eastern Express highway in the background of a residential complex.

Technical notes

All the photographs submitted are shot in a 35mm digital format and are available in the following print sizes : ( 20 x 30 ) inches  and ( 30 x 40 ) inches  Colour Mode : RGB