My main purposes is to show the poetry and aesthetics of the banal, the everyday and to show the universality of the human experiences.      

Showing the detailed urban sceneries allows the viewers to think of the city and its spaces as a whole, autonomous, living organism.

The human presence as only an evocation, not a tangible reality, is yet very strong and various.

The close-up compositions show the everyday banalities of lives.

Taken from a larger long-term project called “Face aux murs” (“In front of the walls”), the photographs of abandoned or neglected everyday life objects are like artefacts of the contemporary life. There's a kind of desolation coming from them but never depression or pessimism.

On the contrary, my images are thought as a way to show the poetry and the aesthetics of the banal, of the mundane. Evocation is strong, anyone can refers to those depending on its own social and sensorial experiences.

Moreover, among hundreds of them, you'll find the similarities of differences, the universality of our existences, from East to West.

We have to think again about the everyday spaces and the “we”, about the city and the individual(s). It could be a place where you find beauty, poetry, art.

Man created (and live in) the city in his own likeness.

Technical notes
Digital photography, taken in 2010, Séoul, Busan, Tokyo, New York, Paris, Montréal.