scopio aboveground: city

The images question our association with our daily environments and dream of a positive future in which cities can adapt to changing climates.

I’m an architectural photographer based in London. For the last few years I have been working on a series of images called ecocities. I use commissioned and personal work and combine this with imagery from stock libraries to produce my own version of an imagined future for London.

Sometimes the intervention in the image is subtle (viewers aren’t sure if the giant wind turbine by the heritage site of St. Paul’s really exists) and other times it is more obvious (there aren’t too many flamingos and fishing boats moored up along the Thames!). My main motivation is to produce a positive outlook.

All too often we look at environmental destruction as Armageddon for the world and solutions are seen as cutting back, stopping, going back in time rather than embraced as a potential for a more positive future.

Nowhere is this more pronounced than in architecture and planning. Planning this new world is of incredible importance and designing new ways to live within it equally so. My project serves to bring these questions to the fore. Art and design must lead the way to a better, greener society.

Technical notes
Shot on location around London on a Canon 5dMK2 and then images comped together in Photoshop.