Call for PhD RESEARCHER GRANT - Interdisciplinary Cooperation & Collaborative Research Programme - Visual Spaces of Change (VSC)



Call for PhD Researcher Grant
Interdisciplinary Cooperation & Collaborative Research Programme - Visual Spaces of Change (VSC)

Closing date for application: 8th of november
Type: FCT Grant
Category: U. Porto and the research Project VSC: U. Porto – CCRE-CEAU/FAUP e U. Minho – Centro ALGORITMI – Lab2PT are pleased to announce the upcoming launch of this Call for a PhD Research Grant with the duration of this project, which is expected to end on 25/07/2021.

The objective of this call is to enable the integration of a highly skilled PhD researcher in the VSC project to collaborate and continue the innovative development of VSC research and its platform within Architecture, Art, Image and Innovation universes, with a special focus on Contemporary Photography related with Architecture, City and Territory. 

We are especially interested in promoting a skilled collaborator capable of giving added value to this VSC research and innovation project and foster multi-national and fully European collaborative research I&D centres and laboratories involving public and private stakeholders all over Europe, as well as further internationalizing knowledge and innovation networks.

Researcher collaboration and development within VSC project and the associated research units and partners will be specifically targeting the following skills and knowledge:

a) Research experience on strategies and methods on using diverse visual narrative strategies and representation methods, with a specific interest in Contemporary Photography and Art, for the communication of dynamics of urban space transformation: Architecture, City and Territory;
b) Demonstrate knowledge in the publishing world and relevant publications in the area of architecture, art, contemporary photography, and public design communication and participation strategies;
c) Relevant international experience to develop inter-institutional collaborative work with institutions and in several disciplinary areas related to the universe of Architecture, City and Territory, as well as with the Editorial universe linked to Contemporary Photography and Design communication strategies; 
d) Knowledge and experience in web-design and ability to operate with image editing and synthesis software, namely InDesign, Illustrator and Photoshop;
e) Proficiency in English;
f) Availability to start functions from 1 January.

We will be particularly interested in candidates that show:
a) Significant activities of applied research, or practice based, developed in the last five years;
b) Significant activities of extension and dissemination of knowledge developed in the last five years, namely in the context of the promotion of scientific practices in Architecture and Arts considered by the candidate to be more relevant;
c) Significant knowledge on how to articulate project results coming from the universes of Architecture and the Arts using both qualitative approaches and quantitative methods;
d) Significant knowledge on how to prepare various project monitoring / monitoring reports, their phases and outputs, as well as in the publication of articles in indexed journals (scopus or ISI);
e) Significant experience on how to collaborate in the organization / assembly of events associated with the dissemination of the project and its results, with autonomy and production capacity;
f) Significant experience with activities of management of science, technology and innovation programs within the universes of Architecture and the Arts or of the experience in observing and monitoring the scientific and technological system or higher education, in Portugal or abroad.

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