Interviews conducted during the 4TH EDITION INTERNATIONAL CONFERENCE ON THE SURFACE - FAUP | September 2016


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Anna Fox | Karen Knorr  | Marco Iuliano | Paolo Rosselli  | Philipp Schaerer | Pedro Bandeira | Ângela Ferreira | Carlos Lobo | José Pedro Cortes | Lara Jacinto | Mariela Apollonio | Olívia da Silva | Walter Costa

The interviews offer us a space for exploration and reflection about our time and the world of architecture and photography as document or art, and they constitute an exceptional and rich account of thirteen authors and their experiences and ideas. These authors have agreed to talk about themselves and their work.

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Anna Fox(b. 1961, Alton, UK) is a photographer with several published monographs. Fox’s fascinating study of the bizarre as well as the ordinariness of British life resulted in a combination of social observation with highly personal diary projects. Fox is a professor of Photography at University for the Creative Arts in Farnham. 

This interview allows us to understand better how she thinks about the relation and influences between the end results of an artistic photographic project and the research process, as well as the diverse artistic strategies and directions that one can take. 

Fox talks about her historical and technical research related to her recent Project, Resort 1 and 2, (2009 - 2011), which captured the holiday culture at Butlin’s, a popular chain of holiday camps in the United Kingdom that was founded to provide affordable holidays for ordinary British families. Her highly saturated colour palette emphasizes the theatricality of the Butlin’s environment. She says that research is a fundamental part in her project.

This interview Clip was edited from the original interview conducted during the 4TH EDITION INTERNATIONAL CONFERENCE ON THE SURFACE: PHOTOGRAPHY AND ARCHITECTURE, CROSSING BORDERS SHIFTING BOUNDARIES FAUP September 2016 

More info about the conference here: and in Scopio Editonspublications see also Sobre a superfície: Espaço público e imagens arquitetônicas em Debate  



Pedro Leão Neto  (CCRE - CEAU – FAUP / scopio Editions)

Interviewer: Olivia Da Silva

Video and Editing of original interview: ESMAD/P.Porto

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