Suburbs area, exactly forests, where you can play, camp, where you can walk for a while. Objects, things used by people strew the area. This serie has been made from august to december 2010.

The photographies are made by an argentic camera (middle size) and a digital reflex camera. I went to the suburb of the buid-up area, to photograph average forests, camping ground, paint-ball area... used by the surroundings inhabitants. This places are strewed by objects, useful or not, but they are a part of the landscape. This places are transitionals, waiting to be used. The square size of the photographies allows me to emphasize this elements ‘in plus’ that are in the landscapes. Winter season makes good conditions to go deep in this work, because the nature is naked, so you can see easily the ‘’traks’’ of the humans.

Technical elements
The pictures are digital and argentic, and the color paper print will be make in a professional laboratory, then stick on a hard support.