scopio aboveground: territory

'The Sound of Emptiness' project isn't only a story about a particular place in London. It is also my own journey through the shadows of the city, night and fear. Buildings sites from everyday places seem to turn into landscapes from other planets at night. I was fascinated by the artificial land created by humans and their machines. During the long exposures I was experiencing, meditating and observing the land. There was a strong sense of alienation and emptiness. I wanted to see and capture that place in my own way. I didn't have a final concept of my work. Every time I went there, I wanted to describe the place, how it looked like. Ever night I found something new about it, something that hadn't been said before. I became more focused on the detail, more aware of the quality of light and shape of the land. I kept my distance and shot in a wider view to underline the sense of the location and at the same time I came closer focusing on almost abstract shapes. I was fascinated by the strange forms which we are passing by every day without noticing them. The rubble and wired machines placed next to the gravel or cement factories reflected by the halogen lamps from the posts turn to beautiful creations and amazing objects. They are the main subject of my work, with the big city behind them in the background. Places which nobody wants to visit, empty and scary. The wasteland , where I could just hear the boat passing, or builders working on the other side while silent in my thoughts. Waiting so long for the image makes you think a lot about the location. It is almost like a dialogue, a meditation, a magical process of understanding the wind and light, the smell of the place as time passes."

Technical notes:

Mamiya RB 6X7 medium format
Kodak 160 iso colour film
long exposures (up to 50 minutes)
location: North Greenwich London


This project was short-listed for Sony Professional Awards – fine art/ landscape category and exhibited at Somerset House at the Sony Professional Awards Show May 2011.