This photographic project explores in 40 shots, mostly taken in italian city contexts, the concept of "aperture" , "way in" , "passage" , " door", "threshold" in terms that are no way reassuring for the spectator. Behind the passage, beyond the barrier that separates two or more spaces there is never - in fact - a quiet place, a lack of danger but unknown people, a possible threat waiting for us. Dark and unhealthy atmospheres, dark doors and windows, locked to hide what is held are behind or they are opened too, but towards darkness. The threshold becomes thus a metaphor of urban existence: the city as center of insecurity, of fear of the unknown that never. Although this, the eye of the photographer cannot avoid the search of a hole in this wall, an element of any peace or calm. The final result is a document on the loneliness that each contemporary man experiments in urban contexts, where the concrete too appears to be alone.

10 shots from a larger project exploring the idea of threshold in urban contexts as a metaphor of loneliness and danger.

Technical notes/Colophon
Photos are taken with a NIKON D40 or a NIKON D200