My father was a composer, music has always been a very important part of my life. After graduation and several and different work experience I have chosen the camera as my main artistic expression.My approach to photography and its development was almost entirely self-taught. After having attended a workshop I immediately understood what the camera could have given me in terms of experimentation and discovery of the world around me and more over of myself. Photographing has become an imperative language.
Amongst my recognitions are: Two gold medals in the category Portraiture and other at the PX3 Prix de la Photographie Paris 2014; Honorable Mention at IPA International Photography Award 2014 in the category Fine Art Portraiture;Honorable Mention at PX3 Paris 2015.
My work has been exhibited for some events of Vogue Italia, at Convivio, at Circus Gallery at Carla Sozzani Gallery.
Many of my pictures have been featured as ''photo of the day ''on and published in many magazines on line as The Huffington Post De., Pizza digitale,Phinest, Art and Fact, Vectro Ave N.Y, Lenscratch, Posi+tive, Artwort, Jungle Magazine U.K, Forth Magazine L.A, Anormalmag Spain, Ignant De., Juliet Art Magazine, Uploadyourtalent,LĂ“eil, Worbz,Rai News Blog, SFMoMa Blog,NikonSguardi ,Seeance Magazine Berlin...
My project ''This living hand'' , ''Hidden beauty'' and ''Do not disturb'' have been published on Lens Culture and Some of my photos are represented by the agency Art and Commerce of New York.



Time has its forms of beauty, but as in nature also in the men stratified sediments of emotions and thoughts.
Seaweed, sand, wood sprigs,blades of grass like layers of states of mind.


editor's note

The presented project was selected from a spontaneous submission made by Cristina Coral.