Michał Konrad (birth name Michał Smuda) Polish photographer born in 1983, living in Wodzisław Slaski. From an early age, interested in visual art.

The main subject of his photography is man. In his work he concentrates primarily on the psychological sphere. It shows how a person perceives the environment in the modern world and how the environment affects him. His visions often have a surreal character, balancing on the border of dream and imagination. His photographs are self-portraits.

He is the author of several photographic cycles.

His works include: Transition, september 2016.; Promised land, january 2017; Amnesia, february 2017.; Butterfly, march 2017; Insomnia, july 2017.

His photographs were presented at individual and collective exhibitions. They have been published in Polish and foreign magazines, the most important of which are: „Pokochajfotografie”, „Kwartalnik literacki Szafa”, „Seventres”, „Dodho”, „Scopio Network”, „DpiMag”, „Visionary”, „F-stop”, „Monovision”,”Black”, "LoosenArt".In 2017 he was selected as one of the twenty most talented Polish photographers, DEBUTS project.



I run in my thoughts, in my head.
Forest silence, then scream.
The influx of false thoughts.
I am looking for one true thought.
Which will let me fall asleep on time.

The title "Insomnia" shows the anxiety in the modern world, caused by lies. The era in which we live is called energy. As far as man is concerned, it means his constant excitement.
Lots of information that constantly stimulate my brain. Ask yourself the question that is true and which is false? Where is the boundary between fiction and reality? Maybe I'm not real either? Maybe I'm not here? Maybe I just think I'm!
Insomnia is an attempt to show man in the world of manipulation. Lost among pervasive falsehood.

Insomnia is my fifth cycle, its ending is equal to one year from the start of my work with self-portrait. Soon I will start working on a project that will include all my cycles. The theme of the project will be "Identity", which I would like to finish with the release of the book version of the album.

April - July 2017