TRAVEL TO 52º29´13´´N 13º25´28´´E


TRAVEL TO 52º29´13´´N 13º25´28´´E



António Lucas Soares was born and lives in Porto, Portugal. He is a free-lance photographer since the beginning of the 90's exploring photography as representation and narrative. In 2004 he received the portuguese FNAC first prize for NewTalents in Photography. He published recently the book “Landscape is a Point of view” (Afrontamento and Casa da Galeria pub). He lives virtually in myprivatelight in the skin of the man who wanted to be Bruce Chatwin and also does some unstaged photography in



Where is my position? At what hour I will arrive?

Maybe I am too busy with the coordinates and the places are passing at the speed of a distraction.

Moments that condense themselves. It’s like this to travel in the GPS era. POIs impose and control the discovery of unknown places.

These photographs document a round trip with no particular importance nor symbolism.Way and return in a train, between Berlin and Poznan. Non POIs are registered at an aleatory pace of a look in the GPS navigator. However, the return shows the essence of any voyage: the confrontation with the other.

Landscape is a common place as much in travel as in photography. The will to register moving landscapes is common to both the traveler and the photographer. These photographs come from the two. Here it is the path:


A - 52°15'37"N 15°13'11"E 123Km/h near Toporow 


C - 52°20'14"N 14°25'57"E 145Km/h near Frankfurt Oder





F - 52°20'39"N 14°41'33"E 134Km/h near Gajec