Nuno Awouters was born in Lisbon, has a background in photography by ESAA and APAF. Has completed his instruction as assistant of Jorge Molder and Carlos Alberto Lopes. Awouters has participated in several individual and colective exhibitions.


Water Lilies Science has demonstrated that each person makes their own interpretation of what they visualise, according to their experiences and what it’s more relevant to them. Therefore, one stimulus may evoke an infinite set of reactions and opinions. This set of images, without outlining the assumption, let that every single emotion that floats through the perspectives, perceive itself that isn’t always easy to change the course, cut the roots and break up the trajectory. In these twelve peculiar records it is captured the prelude of the dismay and the tiredness. The doors closed and the ones opening. The future of dubious opportunities cloistered beneath the salience given to the smoke and to the dark and hot colours. This series reflects a sapid view on this character more and more labeled – the emigrant. The water lilly that sails far away from the safe and comfortable, but forever attached to its origin. That undeniable root will follow him wherever he goes only for not being tied to the soil.

Editor´s note

The presented project was selected from a spontaneous submission made by Nuno Awouters. Our aim is to disseminate and bring to light telling work of emergent or young photographers.