It is a consistent evidence to say that Sergio Tranquilli lives and works in a central region of Italy, where he teaches literature, translates and imagine the paths that will lead him to travel the world so that, putting your ear to his passport, you can hear the sound of footsteps and the voice of the wind. He strives, as it has been suggested to him, to ensure that his "go either mild" but without losing contact with the earth. When he was a child he recognized himself in his pirate costume; today, his sympathy goes to those who manifest a certain spirit of rebellion, freedom, courage, adventure and imagination. With these people he loves to share the road, food and conversation.


The “Mare Mosso” project, “Rough Sea”, starts from the idea of going to photograph a cemetery.  An exploration that has taken the form of a walk through the evidence; the hidden meaning in the everyday life. I think that my exploration has intercepted an invisible word made of charged lines of vitality. A journey towards life and not to death. A journey in the subtle intersection between what we arrange for living and the rising tide of life, between the sense of home and the unknown.

editor's note

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