The exercise of imagining a Utopia leads to the search of different ways, preferable ways, ways that can actuallysolve today’s problems and can lead us to better lives. Today’s city has problems, has noise, pollution, chaos, lack of green spaces, excess of construction. We’ve consumed all resources with no control, we’ve polluted the soil and crushed it, we’ve covered Nature with pipes, cement, tar, garbage and waste. We do not let it breathe. In acertain way, we ruined what Earth had the best, and we’ve stopped its natural development. We propose acomeback to the time when Nature and Mankind completed each other.

Let Nature take over Earth again, and let us embrace the sky. It is time to give back to the land what has always belong to it.

The project would be about a radical life change. We would leave the cities and move to the countryside and the forests. There we would raise a new type of living. Supported on punctual pillars we would find our homes, schools and hospitals. We would work on the ground, on the land. We would take from the land what we could grow there. We would only touch the ground to get the necessary resources for a pure and simple way of life. We would go up and down using the lifts, subtly hid inside the pillars.

We imagine each complex like an independent neighborhood, and at its center an open and vivid square. The blocks would communicate between them through suspended bridges, elevators, panoramic ladders or other types of connections. Based on a pre-established metric rule, the highs would vary so that we could have different perspectives of our new way of living.

Society would evolve as well. Respect for nature and maximum union with Earth would be unquestionable values that every child would learn since tender age. To work only with renewable energies and to use only theresources you need would not be needed to be taught, for it would be a part of everyone’s mentality already.We would be light and so would be our buildings. And maybe one day, with enough wisdom, we could come back down and inhabit the ground again.

It might just be evolution’s next step. We came from the water, we crawled, we walked on fours, we stood upa lifted our eyes to the skies. We only have now to embrace the air.