"In Transit" is a project based on the artist's personal experience of change and displacement. In 2011 Carlos moved from his hometown in Spain to San Francisco, CA, fact that certainly transformed his cultural and personal environment, this series is the result of that period of adaptation and change. Through different elements as home, fate or youth, the project works around the idea of displacement, nostalgia and dislocation, and tries to translate into images the feeling of not belonging to any land, not the one he left but not the one where he is neither, feeling mentally in transit.

Most of the photographs in the project are divided in three groups. - house entrances, random elements found in the street by chance and portraits of young subjects- each of them represent a certain part of the journey and are intended to interact and complete each other, working together almost like a code, these groups of pictures are mixed and displayed in three different sizes when exhibited, in a non linear narrative form, creating a sense of rhythm within the series. All these elements together form  ̈In Transit ̈, a body of work that represents the process of this new journey; the instability, the uncertainty, the feeling of adaptation or the lack of it.


About the author

Born and raised in Madrid (Spain), Carlos graduated from the European University of Madrid with a master’s degree in Photography in 2010, that same year he was selected as one of the best upcoming photographers to participate in the international award "Descubrimientos PhotoEspaña”, shortly after he moved to San Francisco to continue developing his career in Photography where quickly got involved in the Photography community of the Bay Area, taking part in several group shows in galleries and venues in different cities of the United States, He was also the recipient of the Rayko’s artist-in- residence program in 2014 and was chosen as one of 2016 PDN's 30 new and emerging photographers to watch, more recently, his project Façade was shortlisted for the Book Dummy Award organized by Photo London and La Fábrica.

Currently, Carlos splits his time shooting both personal work and editorial assignments for magazines like Apartamento, The FADER, WSJ Magazine or The California Sunday Magazine among others.