"Crystal Identity” is long-term ongoing project. I started the researches and basic realizations in 2017. I decided to work on it when I realized that for a long time I was feeling that I existed only in the face of nature. Towards nature, I’ve felt like I was making revisits. Photography has become part of the act of action. And the landscapes and their character have become the witnesses of what happens in the space. I started to look for the "in situ” places, where there appear sublte union, indirectly related to refuge. Allegedly nature was supposed to release alienation.

It’s a tractate on apperception and becoming the part of. I’m inclined to reach out to the invisible and undermine that what is invisible does not exist. I nurture the fragments of nature, traces it contains as the carriers of memory, archetypes. I penetrate those unobvious resources of nature, that are never deprived of its identity. I explore dependences between subconsciousness and memory, traces recalling the past events, which are a memorial as proof of what is hidden. I take the journey to search for identity, balance, roots embedded without the context of time and space.


I’m multidisciplinary artist from Poland, I work within the visual and performance arts. I focus on the processes of the research, exploration and transformation in the fields of human states and nature, and the memory and identity they contain. My artworks have been presented and published in Poland and abroad. I graduated from Photography at the department of Multimedia at the University of Fine Art in Poznan, Poland, and earlier, also from Technical Physics at the University of Technology in Wroclaw, Poland. I practice Butoh.