Attilio Fiumarella was born in Naples, Italy and presently lives and works in Birmingham, UK. He has an Architectural background, but his great passion has always been photography and since 2011 his main activity has been as a photographer.

Already published in several magazines and books devoted to Architecture, in 2014, he was awarded with an honorable mention at "Novos Talentos FNAC" for the project "Works of Mercy" and got a bursary from "Some Cities" to develop a new project in Birmingham.

The work of this promising emergent photographer combines architectural photography with contemporary issues and his series reveal the potential of adopting an artistic and documentary approach in photography. His projects exemplify very well how photography can be used as a powerful research instrument and a privileged mean to give visibility to issues that are invisible in the main stream media and society.

"Works of Mercy" is a case in point of Attilio Fiumarella humanist conceptual framework and artistic strategy for unveiling problematic lives and issues. In this series he works, as did Michelangelo Merisi da Caravaggio, with real people and the photography project is a powerful series inspired by the chiaroscuro light that encourages viewers to reflect on contemporary society values through the nudity of people living a harsh life.

Pedro Leão Neto