João Gigante, was born in Viana do Castelo whose course, after having graduated in Fine Arts from the FBAUP (Oporto), has maintained  the experience of fine arts, having exposed his work in several major exhibitions in the national and international art scene,  the practice of production and organization of events and artistic projects, such as the coordination of the Department of Fine Arts of AISCA , Viana do Castelo, the direction of the magazine Parasita (with Hugo Soares), the project Arame (Sound Design) and the projection and organization of social and ethnographic  projects, maintaining their artistic and conceptual features.

Their work complements the different areas of fine arts performance, such as installation, photography, video, sound design and drawing.

Currently he is obtaining a Masters degree  in Audiovisual Communication at  the Escola Superior de Música, Artes e Espectáculo of the IPP (Instituto Politécnico do Porto).


 “Um lugar que se desenha”: a visual essay on the territory and its demographic and organizational particularities. The clay soccer fields are part of an imagery construction. Uneasy is the field-to-field variation, the football goal as a hinge, as the support in the perception of this place mutation. In other words, all these places with similar functions, earn characteristics both specific and disparate. These variations and landscape changes reflect the author’s path in site.

To find, to archive and to select. The images resulting from this study are framed by the presence of a central rectangle (football goal), giving shape to the construction and sequencing of the photographed places. The images are drawn by this space’s already existing framework: who decides the framework? The author or the form? This duality is key to the perception of the presented photographic structure. The abstraction towards the representation of a particular territory. A work around the pathways of the place as a means of perception and representation of it.