Teedoff is a photography series communicating the intimate relationship I was able to establish with Ireland in a recent trip. As I explored the country, I could feel the pulse and rhythm of the whole landscape in a much significant way and with an enormous intensity. The train journey enabled me to be immersed and enthralled by the immensity of Ireland´s East and West territory, something that helped me to capture its essence. The spontaneous and surprising nature of the photographs in this project mirrors the passion to know these spaces and of how they became vital inside me in an urgent way. Thus, the spectator is invited to travel in a deep and enigmatic way through the rivers, cliffs and architecture in a space covered by mysteries and ancient traditions where all the elements suggest a necessity to create a story.

About the author
Artur Leão was born in Porto 1997,graduating at Esap on the  course of Artes Visuais Fotografia. First collective, exhibition July 2017 in Esap. Three Photobooks accomplished. Video Clip created for Benthik Zone.