Elise Boularan is a photographer born 1984, Narbonne, France who has a Master’s degree in Creation and Artistic Research from the University of Toulouse, having studied photography at the Toulouse School of Photography.

Pursuing a career as a photographic artist, her work is extraordinarily powerful for its calm and enigmatic aesthetics. Time seems to stop with her images and there is a powerful rhythm on her series that draws our attention for its profound interiority and quietness. The work of Elise tries to respond in an enchanting way to life´s secrets, creating photographs that allow for truth to appear as a process of emotion and thought.

She has been published extensively and has exhibited in Europe and the USA, notably in Madrid, Denmark, and New York, as well as the French Institute of Ukraine, The Museum of New Art (Mona) and The Russell Industrial Center (Mona Detroit) in Detroit; the Instituto Cultural de México, San Antonio, Texas Hill Country, Usa. Her work is in several private collections.

Her preoccupations concern the human reality of our time, trying to reveal what can be secret at the individual’s as in the works Rose Coquillage, Vapors or Ça reste. With Boulard´s photographic series the viewer is constantly trying to find the meaning of the juxtaposed images, as well as the poetical relation between the series and the titles.

Around My Legs and Désœuvre(ment) seem series more related with space, architecture and territory. The non-spaces of Auge (Désœuvre(ment) and then the way the territory is punctuated by man´s constructions and infrastructure that have an economic and cultural logic that confronts nature (Around My Legs) are also powerfull aesthetic visual narratives of contemporanity and its contradictions.


Pedro Leão Neto