Guillaume Amat is a French photographer who is based in Paris. In 2005, he graduated from Art School, with top honors. In 2007 he joined Millennium Images Ltd., Signatures-photographies agency in 2008 and participate to collective project on the French Landscapes called “France(s)  Territoire Liquide”.

Guillaume Amat is dedicated to long-term projects which produce photographic narratives. His field of action is not limited to a single area, never ceasing to question photographic representation and the way to transfigure reality. Aiming to adapt the camera to the subject and the way in which to narrate a story by using different types of cameras, formats and sensible surfaces. With his images he build stories which navigate between documentary and poetry.


In a muffled silence, the sea disappeared, as if vanished, leaving behind only ghosts of stone.
These Blockhaus, remains of World War II, slowly digested by the tides turned out to be threatening places of refuge in the middle of an unexplored desert.

A haunting wind is sweeping along the coast and wrapping distant figures. In the open sea, one could hear the muffled sound of a foghorn very much like the whispering rumbling of life. People seem to get lost in a scenery both quiet and threatening where one gets stifled by the immensity of the landscape.

The project called « Nébuleuse » (Nebula) is part of a reflection on the question of World War II heritage, the French coast and its conservation.
In the form of a photographic proposition, I tried to show how the hand of man and the hand of Nature can mix or be in conflict.

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