Charles Roux has a European Bachelor of Photography. He attended the Paris school Icart Photo, and was graduated as “head of the year” as well as “best end-of-studies portfolio”. 

This emerging photographer is deeply inspired by literature, by his own experiences, emotions and yearning for creation. Whatever the subject or the purpose may be, he is striving to create above all atmospheres and underlying stories. As he says: “I might be a daydreamer, led by the mingling of my emotions and the spaces or people all around“. 


The blue hour is the time of the awkard encouter of the rising moon and the setting sun, the time when the patterns and the loftiness of the mountains are enhanced by the blue light of dusk. A short-lived overlapping of lights and timelessness reduces the observer to a mere witness of sheer serenity. All the air fills with cold and silence.

Everything is covered in bluish snow, making the vastness all the more uniform and effective.

My gaze has been as somber as soothing across immensity, and frozen, we feel like there is no other way than just contemplation, as feelings are temporarily trapped, scowling at their own uselessness, the emotion was muffling around itslef, as if to imitate the lack of time and the perfect steadiness of ice.

Editor´s note

The presented project was selected from a spontaneous submission made by Charles Roux. Our aim is to disseminate and bring to light telling work of emergent or young photographers.