Frederik Vercruysse is an Antwerp based photographer. No matter the subject, Frederik's signature style is very recognizable. He describes his work as still life photography in the broad sense of the word. His aim is to photograph the subject in its purest form, sometimes realistic, often minimalistic. Clean geometric lines and pure shapes more often than not characterize his work. Frederik definitely has an eye for aesthetics and is a true expert in object compositions, as well as architecture, interior and even portrait photography. He approaches the subject with a great deal of detail and honesty. This results in very graphic and sometimes even painting-like photographs.

Former projects include collaborations with magazines such as Wallpaper, The New York Times Style Magazine, Architectural Digest Germany, Document Journal, A Magazine, L'Officiel Hommes and Case Da Abitare.

Some of his clients are Valentino, Tommy Hilfiger, Uniqlo, Airbnb, Muller Van Severen, villa eugénie, Raf Simons and many museums, publishers and architects.


The perception of landscape and nature is still committed to the classical image: the relationship between human being and nature.

The depiction of the landscape is regarded by most people as a so-called natural landscape, but it is in fact a cultural landscape that has been modified by humans to serve their purpose and needs.

The only landscapes we have left are culture landscapes. Man has already been practically everywhere.

For me it was interesting to examine, from a spatial point of view, the alpine place where the very small human being, like colored dots, were modifying and using the magnificent landscape.