Ylenia Arca was born in Verona, Italy and after studying architecture in Venice and living for some time in Spain is now based in Oslo, Norway working as landscape architect.
Her photography work, as her profession, focuses mainly on architecture, urban spaces, natural and anthropized landscapes.
She has been published in several magazines and websites and exposed in collective exhibitions.


This series wants to investigate the duality of Tenerife's landscape, the relationship between the natural landscape and what has slowly been anthropized.
The original landscape of the island, wild and unpolluted, has been increasingly subjected to human action, that has characterized, modified, torn it.
As a metastasis, the appropriation of land by humans has defaced the island from its extremities towards the inland.
The heart of the island keeps intact and untouched its nature and its landscape, which only the power of the volcano could change. By contrast, the perimeter, the edge with the ocean, is a built and cemented border.
The man has made new, dual and ambiguous landscapes: buildings emerging vertically above the sea emulating the cliffs, concrete pools like small pieces of sky and ocean ... anthropic landscape is the doubling of natural landscape.

The series has been displayed at the International Biennial of Photography of Tenerife, Fotonoviembre 2011.