Tahir Ün was born in Turkey in 1960. He holds a BA degree from Language and History-Geography Faculty of Ankara University, where he studied History of European Arts.

He worked in advertising and public relations between 1985–1995 and gave lectures of photography at the Center of Contemporary Arts in Ankara and at the Vocational College in Kara Elmas University in Safranbolu between 1995-1999.

He is a co-founder of Institution of Photography Art (FSK) since 1994. His photographs are published in many magazines such as “Foto” Magazine by Revista Foto S. L. , Madrid, Spain, “Zoom Inter_national” Magazine by Progreso Fotografico Editrice, Italy and “Foto Kino Magazine tillage International Photography” by Konkordia Kvissel, Denmark since 1983 and accepted to some collections such as Polaroid Collection, Ransom Center Photography, State Museum of Majdenek and Rhizome Artbase.

Tahir Ün published three books titled “Imagined Views/Moments of Revulsion” Photographs (1990) and “The Poetic Introduction of Representation of the Hidden Photograph” Poems (1995) and “Xinjiang : My Ancestral Land” photographs (2012). In addition, his articles about image theory are published in various Turkish art magazines since 2000. His works have been displayed in numerous worldwide events including 24 one-man exhibitions.
Tahir Ün is currently active also in new media arts and an instructor in the Communication Faculty of Yasar University at Izmir.



Chinese government and private investors make significant investments for the urban transformation, development and modernization of this region. The new public spaces, public housing and industrialization change considerably to the lifestyle in the region. My project describes the conflict between identity and modernization.
I gathered the environment, human and architectural elements with collage technique after I completed my conceptual project.


editor's note

The presented photographic project was awarded with an honourable mention at the 4th edition of scopio International Photography Contest. The winner and honourable mentions will be exhibited at the contest's exhibition: Crossing Boarders, Shifting Boundaries at RIBA, on May 26th, 2015. For more information about this subject, click here.