Jordi Huisman was born in The Netherlands in 1982. After a BSc at Engineering, Design & Innovation, attended the KABK art academy in The Hague to study photography. Has been working as a freelance photographer since 2005.

The series about the proposed US missile defense system in Czech Republic was published in Vrij Nederland in 2008. Portraits Jordi took of football dads were published in Volkskrant Magazine, also in 2008. From 2006 to 2010, toured through Europe and Japan with Amsterdam based hip-hop duo Pete Philly&Perquisite.

Since 2011, Jordi photographs lifestyle reportages for online interview magazine Freunde von Freunden. Prints of my work are for sale at UP-Editions in Amsterdam and Babel Art Collections in Brussels. The editorial work is available at Hollandse Hoogte and Offset. Jordi's commercial work is represented by Mrs. Robinson in Amsterdam.



The view from the rear of a residential building in an old city exhibits the ways in which people influence their surroundings. When a new building block is designed and built as a single structure and concept it acquires a uniformity and alignment; in older cities a much more fragmented and spontaneous architecture emerges. This architectural informality is in direct contrast with the façade of a building, which is much more aware of its appearance.

The Rear Window series focuses on the rear of buildings in capital cities. While one balcony becomes home to a large satellite dish, the neighbouring balcony becomes storage space; a small tree once planted in the courtyard has grown into a massive obstacle. There is also an element of the voyeuristic: meticulous exposures resolve small details in the houses and lives of their residents which were never meant to be outwardly visible.

By photographing these scenes in different capitals, national differences and global chaos are captured.