Born in Piacenza, Italy, in 1985, I fell in love with photography when I was a child, traveling in the wake of my uncles around France, Spain and Portugal, always armed with film cameras. I moved to digital reflex four years ago.
My passion for photography has gone hand in hand with a passion for architecture, especially contemporary. For this reason my photographs have always had a special consideration for architecture, and they are often linked with the human figure, without whom the structure would not exist.
Recently my project 'Presence-absence in architecture' has been featured in LensCulture as Editors' Pick and a selection of images from the project has been printed in Aesthetica Magazine - Issue 65. You can see my work here, on 500px, and follow me on instagram.



The littleness of human being, the magnificence of human structures.
I was always mesmerized by the great, huge structures built by man through the centuries, in a continuous effort to reach the sky.
Structures in respect to which the man reveals himself in all his smallness and insignificance, but at the same time the first evidence of the greatness and importance of human being, because we must not forget that without man these architectures would not exist.
The project 'Little people, big places' tries to explore this relationship between man and architecture, that shows itself sometimes as a mute dialogue, sometimes as a one-way communication from architecture to unaware people, sometimes instead as a unidirectional communication between people and seemingly indifferent architecture.
Images of this ongoing project are taken in various european cities (Barcelona, Lisboa, Berlin, Rome, Pisa, Milano), visited during my trips.


Editor's note

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