Inês d'Orey was born in Porto in 1977. She has a degree in Photography (London College of Printing, 2002), receiving a scholarship from the Portuguese Center of Photography between 1999 and 2002. Inês won the Fnac New Talent prize in photography in 2007. She works as a freelance photographer, for private clients and public institutions. She frequently publishes and exhibits her work in Portugal and abroad. She published in 2010 her first book "Mecanismo da troca" and in 2011 her second book "porto interior". Inês d'Orey is part of Dear Sir Agency and is represented by Presença gallery.


Artist statement

What interests me the most in photography, is to explore its ambiguous quality. One image is the selection of a small fragment of the world that, despite its connection to reality, can be very much subjective, personal and intimate. I like this capacity that photography has of interpreting reality in a different or unexpected way. I think I could say that my work conceptually stages reality. I’m more interested in “creating a moment”, more than “catching the moment”. 



Inside Aarhus is a series of photographs of interior public spaces of the danish city. Aarhus is represented by some of its most charismatic buildings together with neutral and banal places. Open public buildings are depicted, as well as social but restricted private areas. What they all have in common is the devoid of all human presence. Inês d´Orey aims for a tense and unclear narrative, looking always for the less obvious perspective.