Dinis Santos completed his bachelor's degree in Painting at the Faculdade de Belas Artes da Universidade do Porto in 2007, and in 2012 he completed his master's degree in Contemporary Philosophy at the Universidade do Porto. He has developed his activity in photography and video since 2007. 


These images come from the way I work at my "digital lab”. During the processing of the “raw” files, from my digital camera, I’m always zooming the image to 100% at fullscreen to analyze the contrast, detail, texture… by doing this, a lot of times, I was surprised by the image that I would find. The computer screen -16x9 - does a frame on my picture and shows me a new image. I became fan of this moment of chance and I begun to be more conscious about it. Now every time I’m processing images I pay attention to the details and I use my screen as a viewfinder, when I find something that interests me I do a “print screen”. Even when I’m taking pictures sometimes I’m thinking about the re-framing that I’ll be able to do. These images, that I am showing you, are a small group of pictures that were born this way. Pictures that came from other images from different contexts and works - from my personal work or from my comercial work. These are frames that I find during my work as a photographer. The frame, 16x9, it’s the ratio of the present days. I like this idea and I like to be guided by the means of production and to explore them. It’s my screen that chooses my frame. Being aware of the technology and their processes it’s a way of looking the world.

Editor´s note

The presented project was selected from a spontaneous submission made by Dinis Santos. Our aim is to disseminate and bring to light telling work of emergent or young photographers.