Luis Aniceto studied Industrial Design and attended the Portuguese Photography Institute. For three years he worked as a press photographer. He currently collaborates with the Italian photographers collective “Cesura”. He was Alex Majoli’s assistant in the project “Offside Brazil”.


Almada. I grew up with one of the shipyards planted outside of my balcony and early on I memorize the industrial noises. A multitude of workers operate my imaginary and together with them many sailors who arrive from all over the world in oil tankers. The strength of this shipyard was reflected in trade union struggles and in the political-industrial relations in the Portuguese naval economy, an area for dispute and conflict. Besides being one of the drivers of the national economy, the “Lisnave” yard was also one of the main industrial drivers for the local economy, forcing the restructuration of the urban territory as well as the growth of local commerce, which was prosperous and active back then. After countless crisis, “Lisnave” closed its facilities in 2000. Its closing reverberated in the entire county, where slowly was realized how important this gigantic proportioned industry was and how it represented a time that had come to an end. Since then “Lisnave” have been undergoing a process of abandonment and degradation, while it’s still uncertain what to do with these terrains. 

Editor´s note

The presented project was selected from a spontaneous submission made by Luis Aniceto. Our aim is to disseminate and bring to light telling work of emergent or young photographers.