José Silva Pinto is an Angolan photographer with a scientific background, whose life leads him initially to work in various areas, but who, at some point, devoted himself entirely to his passion: photography.

A recognised author who has been published in the most prestigious institutional publications of its country, he already has several exhibitions, both in Angola and abroad. His curriculum lists various photography exhibitions, as "Olhares" held in 2003 at the Casino do Hotel Marinha, in Luanda;  “Deambulações" in 2004, at Bar Pub Desigual, in Luanda; "Meet the arts of Angola" in 2005, at the Embassy of Angola in Tokyo, Japan; " Dipanda forever" in 2006, in the collective exhibition of Luanda Triennale and the solo exhibition in Seoul , South Korea, in 2007, at the invitation of a representative office of Angola.

It is significant to refer his latest publication – Cá Entre Nós José Silva Pinto - a book describing all the journey of the photographer, from the province of Cabinda to Namibe, Cunene and Cuando - Cubango, showing the locations from north to south of Angola that José Silva Pinto travelled between 2005 and 2011.

The photographic work of Jose Silva Pinto gives us a perspective that differs considerably from the stereotyped imagery of Angola, thus helps to create a more comprehensive idea about this great country of the African continent. His images allow a deeper analysis about Angola since they communicate, through the different situations and spaces portrayed, “another look” and understanding, showing to us also the positive human aspects, which are common to all cultures and people.

Jose Silva Pinto wholehearted and single out viewpoint about his country, and the genuine way he captures emotions and moments of life, immediately conquer our interest. The documentary and personal nature of his work is the result of the ability of Jose Silva Pinto to relate authentically with Angola and its people, thus enabling him, as he says, to be more constructive and more participatory in his work, but at the same time to draw attention to the problems we all have a responsibility not to ignore.


This work will be shown over the coming months, simulating the sensation of travel and discovery, intended by the author.

1st stage: Discovering Cunene, Cuando-Cubango and Bié.

Written by Pedro Leão Neto