NEW DEADLINE | Crossing borders and shifting boundaries: City

Deadline for entries: February 26April 30, 2016

Crossing Borders and Shifting Boundaries is the main theme of the current cycle of scopio Magazine. 

Crossing Borders and Shifting Boundaries focuses on diverse countries and on how architecture is transformed, how it reflects different hybrid cultural identities in many countries and how all of this interacts with and affects our cities and the landscape, always bearing in mind the mentioned categories: ArchitectureCity and Territory.

Thus, we are interested in photography and in projects that may reveal the multiple layers of history embedded in the architecture of cities from different parts of the world, showing how these cities are in constant evolution and how they define new forms of occupation of the available territory. We are also interested in understanding how social, economic and political systems and values affect the territory and its cities, as well as the way people live and work on those places.

Crossing Borders and Shifting Boundaries: City will primarily focus on the subject of residential spaces, public spaces and city life. It will try to show works that characterise the rich multifaceted world of contemporary cities regarding immigrants or minorities’ different types of blocks, neighbourhoods, cultural diversity and values expressed in various types of residential and public spaces. Among other things, it is about looking at architectural spaces and their many signs, which reveal the values, customs and culture of the people who live there. In fact, the aim is to show a varied set of works capable of providing a creative and significant body of evidence as regards to the diversity and richness of our cities’ architecture and life. In addition, it will focus on the cities’ multiple hybrid cultural identities and the layers of history embedded in their architecture, in order to understand how social, economic and political systems and values affect the way people live and work on those places and countries.

The objectives of this contest are the strengthening of photography as an inquisitive instrument for architecture, searching for new talents and awareness towards photography and architecture both in Portugal and abroad, and moreover to raise a wider appreciation of our architectural, cultural and intellectual inheritance and promote the photography platform scopio Network. This site shall also be used to publish the projects within the contest.

Photographic projects should be submitted through scopio network platform – webform or email -, with the following elements:

− Title

− Body with resume (must not overcome 2000 words), preferably bilingual or English only;

- Abstract (must not overcome 300-400 words), preferably bilingual or English only;

- Work summary: technical elements;

- Each project submitted to contest should contain a minimum of three and maximum of ten photographs;

In each edition of scopio magazine (annual), a project will be chosen through the promoted contests. The selection of the best work to be published in scopio magazine's second issue "Crossing Borders and Shifting Boundaries: City".

Annually, scopio invites curators, architects, artists and photography connoisseurs to view and select the most innovative photography works in this international contest.

In the last edition, we had the following authors as members of the jury:

Pedro Gadanho, Curator, MOMA

Valeria Carullo, Curator, The Robert Elwall Photographs Collection RIBA British Architectural Library

Marco Iuliano, Associate Professor, University of Liverpool, School of Architecture

Jenny Feray, Photographer, Coordinator of the Photography Master, School of Arts, Ucp

Ângela Ferreira, Curator,  Director of Encontros da Imagem, Braga, Portugal

This year’s jury will soon be announced.

Rules available here.

To submit your work, click here.