Sophia: journal on architecture , art and image

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In the upcoming 5th number of Sophia, which is Visual Spaces of Change: Designing Interiority - shelter, shape, place, atmosphere we are interested in original articles that discuss the core of Interiority in Architecture as a matter open to diverse ideas and practices in the realm of built space to be experienced by its inhabitants. Interiority differentiates a place of a non-place. The non-places are spots with which the individual does not create any relation; they are transit-places without memory, identity, history, personal construction, references, emotions of which solace is not a minor one. Interiority calls that kind of space that accommodate thoughts, dreams, nightmares, intimacy, changes, silence, noise, neurosis Shelter, shape, place, atmosphere portray scenarios that enhance experiences, events, occurrences beyond the functionalistic rhetoric enveloping them.
Our journal is now accepting abstracts within this framework, including an image, a photograph, a series of images or video as research instruments that may contribute to voice critically and poetically a broader understanding of designing interiority in architecture.

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