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For issue 1, scopio ebook will be focused on the body & space. How is the body intertwined with space? The experience of the body unfolds an ambiguous mode of existence, it can be interpreted as an object (“avoir le corps - to have a body”) or as a subject (“être son corps vécu - to be a living body”). 
It is intended to explore the idea of the body as a medium, to imagine one's own body as something more than the object of the gaze, exploring the ways it inhabits the space.


scopio ebook series intends to be an online-publication built by a curatorial team. It combines and presents the works of emergent photographers and authors of different origins in a holistic piece of art.

The main aim of the project is to promote Emergent Authors and make it easier for everyone who wants to learn about Architecture, Art and Image (AAI), our three main pillars.

There will be an online version of the ebook completely free to consult, however there will also be available the printed version, since we believe one does not exclude the other but rather complement each other.
To print and distribute our first issue of scopio ebook series we are doing a crowdfunding, you can support us clicking “fund“.