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Editorial Policies
scopio Sophia collection is specifically designed to address theoretical work, and it aims to be the publishing medium for a set of exploratory and critical texts on image in the broad sense, i.e. comprehending the worlds of design, photography, film, video, television and new media.
The etymology of the word “sophia” is closely linked to the concepts of sapience and wisdom: (Greek Σοφία, “sofía”) it is what the “wise person” has, and this word is also derived from philo+sophia (“love of wisdom”). We are interested in making scopio Sophia a mentis instrumenta capable of extending our critical knowledge and questioning the universe of image in an innovative way.
The purpose of scopio Sophia collection is to publish a set of theoretical and critical texts on image in book format; these texts can either be taken from sections of scopio magazine or submitted by new authors and other R & D national and international centers, through a call for papers. The aim is to challenge different artists and creators to publish original articles, reviews, book reviews and other texts of interest and value to this collection.
SCOPIO Sophia publishes one issue a year in five languages: English, Portuguese, Spanish, French and Italian.

Editorial Organisation and Advisory Board
Research group CCRE integrated in R&D of the Faculty of Architecture of the University of Porto (FAUP) called Centro de Estudos de Arquitectura e Urbanismo (CEAU)

Editorial Coordinator
Pedro Leão Neto

Editors of Sophia 1st Number
Susana Ventura
Edward Dimendberg - Invited Editor

Editors of Sophia 2nd Number
Pedro Leão Neto
Susana Ventura
Inaki Bergera - Invited Editor

Scientific and Editorial Commission (CEAU-FAUP)
José Miguel Rodrigues
Pedro Leão Neto
Rui Ramos
Susana Ventura
Vitor Silva

Reading Committee
Alvaro Domingues (FAUP/ CEAU)
Andrew Higgot (AA Grad Dipl PhD)
Carlos Machado (FAUP/ CEAU)
Joana Cunha Leal (FCSH-UNL)
Joaquim Moreno (FAUP/ CCRE)  
Jorge Figueira (FCT-UC)
Marta Cruz  (FAUP/ CEAU)
Marco Iuliano (LSA/CAVA)
Pedro Bandeira (EAUM/CCRE)
Paulo Catrica (UNL/CCRE)
Teresa Ferreira (EAUM/ CEAU)
Gabriela Vaz Pinheiro (FBAUP)
Olivia da Silva (IPP - ESMAE)

Articles are the intellectual property of the author. The Creative Commons copyright permits copy or dissemination for education or non-profit purposes so long as author and title of the article are included with title, volume, number and URL for the Journal.
To disseminate copies for commercial advantage requires written permission of author and publisher.

Patronage: CCRE/CEAU/FAUP - School of Architecture, University of Porto
Publisher: cityscopio - Associação cultural