SCOPIO International Photobook Contest, as the name implies, is directed towards the creation of an Artist Photobook, which also involves the visual definition of a concept. Nevertheless, the focus is now on creating a narrative, of no less than 20 images with a descriptive memory of 1500 words, assuming that by presenting a story the reader will be pulled in and “entertained”. In this case, an image is linked with the next one at a fundamental, conceptual and emotional level, increasing the reader’s attention to the work in order to figure out what those connections are. Our aim is to reveal the potential of the photobook as a mature medium capable of communicating different perspectives and of combining diverse art expressions to convey in a unique way the rich multi-layered contemporary issues related to architecture, city spaces and the territory where people live and work. In this sense, we are accepting entries of small limited editions of Artist Photobooks or Dummies, as long as they follow the regulations and the publishing disclosure rights of the contest.

Crossing Borders and Shifting Boundaries: City will primarily focus on the subject of residential spaces, public spaces and city life. It will try to show works that characterise the rich multifaceted world of contemporary cities regarding immigrants or minorities’ different types of blocks, neighbourhoods, cultural diversity and values expressed in various types of residential and public spaces. Among other things, it is about looking at architectural spaces and their many signs, which reveal the values, customs and culture of the people who live there. In fact, the aim is to show a varied set of works capable of providing a creative and significant body of evidence as regards to the diversity and richness of our cities’ architecture and life. In addition, it will focus on the cities’ multiple hybrid cultural identities and the layers of history embedded in their architecture, in order to understand how social, economic and political systems and values affect the way people live and work on those places and countries. 

The selected entries will be divulged in scopio Magazine and the winning entry will be be published in scopio Photobook collection.

To be considered eligible for the contest, the participants should send us by mail the following elements:

-  physical book dummy;

-  3 original prints (300mm x 240mm - vertical or horizontal format);

- the digital version of the 3 prints sent + cover (to divulge through our site).

- an abstract (max. 300-400 words, preferably bilingual or English only)

Please, note that to receive back by mail the physical book dummy, if not selected, participants must send to us the dummy in a pre-paid mail pack.

The organization will select a set of self-published Dummies to be part of the CITYZINES showcase in scopio Network.

Rules available here.

To submit your work,  click here.

Official language: Portuguese and English