Sophia collection is specifically designed to address theoretical work, and it aims to be the publishing medium for a set of exploratory and critical texts on image in the broad sense, i.e. comprehending the worlds of design, photography, film, video, television and new media.
The etymology of the word “sophia” is closely linked to the concepts of sapience and wisdom: (Greek Σοφία, “sofía”) it is what the “wise person” has, and this word is also derived from philo+sophia (“love of wisdom”). We are interested in making Sophia journal a mentis instrumenta capable of extending our critical knowledge and questioning the universe of image in an innovative way.
The collection, which welcomes several academic works, will also be an important publishing medium for some theoretical papers coming from the FAUP R&D center – CEAU. The purpose of Sophia journal collection is to publish a set of theoretical and critical texts on image in book format; these texts can either be taken from sections of scopio magazine or submitted by new authors and other R&D national and international centers, through a call for papers. The aim is to challenge different artists and creators to publish original articles, reviews, book reviews and other texts of interest and value to this collection.

Authors and Editors: Pedro Leão Neto (coord.), Susana Ventura (ed.), Edward Dimendberg (ed.), Eduardo Brito, Nélio Conceição, Vítor dos Reis .