by Hugo Oliveira

HO: Where was the photograph taken?
NG: At the Rambert School of Ballet and Contemporary Dance, in London.
HO: When was it taken?
NG: In January, 2014.
HO: What were the conditions on site?
NG: It was warm. The dancers have to have warm conditions to avoid injury. No smells, but good music. I can't remember what it was exactly.
HO: Are there any technical aspects about the shooting that you want to point out?
NG: This is an example of a constructed architectural shot with a performer. I drew the shot beforehand with the architect, therefore I dreamt it before I took it. Then I positioned tripod (low) and using a view camera with both rise and sideways movements created my composition.
From then on I used approximately four lights, all profoto. Magnum reflector as the key light on a megaboom approximately 30 feet high up. XL umbrella as the fill + several D1 heads with 20mm built in reflectors to catch the ceiling and the background wall. Each light was metered individually beforehand.
HO: How did you get this opportunity?
NG: It was a commission by Allies and Morrison.
HO: Had you been there before this photograph was taken?
NG: Yes. I was half way through when I took this. The commission lasted two weeks.
HO: Why did you select this image and what do you find most interesting about it?
NG: Well, it is so nice to mix my skills as an architectural photographer, with lighting and a performer.
HO:  Is there a particular story about this photograph that you would like to share?
NG: One of the dancers had had a hip replacement, so that was nice to help celebrate her recovery.
HO: Was there anything that you discovered through it?
NG: It was completely set up, the only thing I couldn't predict was the moves the dancer would make and the light outside.

Nick Guttridge is a London based photographer working for the arts and architecture community.

The image and interview selected are part of the editorial project "1 Photo(grapher)".



Emerging Portuguese photographer Miguel Refresco

by Jiôn Kiim 


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