Crossing Borders, Shifting Boundaries: City
The present cycle of scopio Magazine has been promoting a global critical analysis around the theme of Crossing Borders and Shifting Boundaries, exploring how image is a medium that, on the one hand, can cross borders and shift boundaries between different subjects and disciplines where photography is present in a significant way. On the other hand, how photography has the potential to be used as a critical tool for understanding how architecture is transformed, how it reflects different hybrid cultural identities in many countries, regions or places and how all of the interacts with and affects our cities.
In the present edition of scopio Magazine Crossing Borders and Shifting Boundaries: City, the broad perspective and understanding about Photography and Architecture worlds continues and there is an exploration of cities' Documentary and Artistic Photography. This means, besides other things, exploring the concept of crossing and erecting borders over different fields of study and practices with the intent of presenting a broad understanding about these issues linking them to photography image and city space in order to question our cultures' values and desires and the specific characteristics of places and buildings.
Authors and Editors: Pedro Leão Neto (ed.), Andreia Alves, Angelo Maggi, Eoin Moylan, Jion Kiim, Jorge Figueira, José Maçãs de Carvalho, Luís Ferreira Alves, Miguel Leal, Paulina Lara, Paulo Catrica, Pedro Pousada, Ren Hang, Sandra Teixeira. 
The universe of interest of scopio editions is, generically, that of Architectue, Art and Image (AAI) and, specifically, that of Documental and Artistic Photography related with Architecture, City and Territory. SCOPIO Editions has a dynamic structure integrating periodical and non-periodical publications, with the aim of divulging the several works and authors who use or research the universe of Architecture, Art and Image, with special focus on Documentary and Artistic photography, related with Architecture, City and territory, in a critical, exploratory and innovative approach.