by Farhad Rahman

Bagan is a photographic series that aproaches the city of Bagan - the ancient city of Myanmar that survives with 2200 of Pagodas, Temples and Stupas. The recent expansion of the tourism slowly altered the landscape, which used to be a spiritual atmosphere, to a more modern environment.
This visual exploration looks both at the mysticism that remains and the materialistic transformation of the place.

About the author
Farhad Rahman, born in 1986, is a Bangladeshi documentary photographer as well as "an observer of life and space around him". After completing his Engineering degree and 3 years Professional Photography Program, currently he is working as Photography Professional and Faculty at Pathsala, South Asian Media Institute in Dhaka, Bangladesh.
Rahman's unique style of documentary photography projects an aesthetic sensibility that reaches beyond the conventional relationship between observer and subject. Rahman's photographs welcome the seemingly magical and unreal as part of the otherwise mundane understanding of our surroundings. Each image seems to float in a suspended moment, a hypnagogic revelation of fleeting interactions found in transitional spaces of urban and rural landscapes.

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